Every One Matters is a non-profit organization, listed under section 501(c)(3), dedicated to making a difference in children's lives by uniting community volunteers and organizations to beautify inner city and rural schools.

Founded in 2001 by Gina Ghirardi-Preston, Every One Matters was created by and for those who have a passion for making a difference and a valuable contribution in the community and in children's lives.

Every One Matters coordinates resources at a local community level, surrounding each school. Currently, our services are offered at no charge to the schools, to help beautify and revitalize campuses. Schools are the foundation of our children's education, and children are our future. What better place to give back. Volunteering to work with children and community on an Every One Matters school beautification project can enhance your life, as well as a child's. Each participant; child, parent and volunteer, is a vital part of our success.

Every One Matters coordinates the entire experience for the school, community, and all participants; from community donations and volunteer participation to completing the one-day projects on school campuses. This generates the necessary resources to complete the school's one-day service project, while simultaneously creating fulfilling opportunities for volunteers to work together as a community on local projects. Every One Matters projects set an example in the community where children can directly benefit from and see the result. Together, we make a greater difference than we could otherwise individually. The result is a life-changing experience.