“Thank you, Thank you, Every One Matters! The work you did to plan the whole event from soup to nuts, and incorporate the students, faculty and community to transform our play yard into a beautiful safe space, leaves me speechless. Our students are proud and seem to be walking taller now, our attendance is up since your event day, and our community is getting involved with us again. This is all great! Thank you! Would you please come back next year?!”

-John, Middle School Principal, San Francisco, CA

“You have good Karma coming your way, and thanks to you, so do I! I enjoyed being a part of the school projects, and working along side some of the most articulate and appreciative kids I have ever met! It is a pleasure to help transform schools in my neighborhood, especially with the help of my neighbors. We all pulled together and made a difference and this experience has left a lasting impression on the school grounds, and in my heart forever. Thank you Every One Matters.”

-Anna, Volunteer

“Thank you for planting a garden at my school. I had fun working with you guys, and every time I work in the garden with my teachers and friends, I remember how much you said you cared about us. I can feel it! Thank you.”

-Juan, Student

“Every One Matters…they sure do! Thank you for pulling everyone together to do such beautiful work at our school.”

-Denise, Middle School Faculty

“Our (volunteer) associates got a lot out of the day by giving back to the community and our company was able to reach out and show how much we care. Thank you for the opportunity to work with Every One Matters, and for organizing this great event. The event was such a success, and we had so much fun that we all look forward to the next project!”

-Jim, Team Home Depot, Colma, CA

“I had so much fun painting the mural at my school. Now, I see it every day, and I am reminded how happy I am to be here at this school. My friends and I put a lot into that painting, and it was fun. Thank you for helping us to create our own inspirational mural. We couldn’t have done it without you”.

-Sussana, Student

“Thank you for including us in your school project. We value our community, and it was a pleasure to serve along side Every One Matters in this important event. We look forward to continuing to help our schools and our community.”

-Lisa, Starbucks associate