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Every One Matters understands that you want more for your students. You work hard to create a environment that enhances your students educational experience, while encompassing your faculty and community.

There are more than 100,000 schools in the United States that desire on-campus beautification projects. Although many schools receive some federal and state assistance, they rarely ever have discretionary funds for beautification. This is especially true of rural and inner city schools. These schools are the primary focus of Every One Matters. In addition, we recognize that many schools do not often have access to able bodies (volunteers), nor the available time to complete even the most minor projects on campus. These projects can transform a school campus and assist in creating a lush, flourishing and functional campus, making it much more inviting to students, faculty and the greater community.

Every One Matters was created to coordinate all aspects of such a project. We coordinate within your community and with your appointed faculty, to bring your students together and change lives, and aesthetics!

If you would like your school considered for an Every One Matters one-day beautification service project, please complete our School Service Project Application.

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* What specific materials (e.g.: tools), services (e.g.: gardeners), and how many volunteer persons are available, including students, faculty and PTA/PTO are available to assist Every One Matters and your school and community in completing the service project(s)?
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